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Mayfair, 1973. A singer is missing, a mystery needs solving, evil masquerades as spirituality, as love becomes the fateful motivator.

Elisud Jones, Welsh former wrestler and hardman is hired to find a Soho gangster’s missing girlfriend, Angie Bright-Silver, thought to be in Mayfair, recording new material which she hopes will rebuild her faltering career. 

Using his knowledge of the music business, London, and Angie, Elisud begins his search digging beneath the veneer of glam rock era Mayfair - dubbed ‘Teen Avenue’ by pop mogul Mickie Most - intersecting with the likes of David Cassidy, Lou Reed, Lynsey de Paul, and a demi-monde existing in recording studios, shabby nightclubs, high-end prostitution rackets, Californian cults, a mental hospital in Banstead, and the sybaritic green room of Top Of The Pops.

The first in a series of Elisud Jones stories, Teen Avenue brilliantly marries the crime thriller with rock heritage biographies, creating a classic seventies sleuth; flawed but charismatic, violent but philosophical. A Bogart in loon pants, a Philip Marlowe in flares.

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