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In addition to providing a complete consultancy/writing service that includes reading, script editing and creative direction for the film industry with our experienced team, Page2Screen Films is now actively developing and producing a slate of feature films under the guidance of screenwriter/producer Stephen James Thompson.


Stephen began his career as a reader and script editor working for Marc Forstater, Carlton Television, and Alibi before joining Liam Badger’s Magic Hour Film as Creative Director, with the company exec producing ‘A Good Woman’ with Scarlett Johansson. Stephen is now a highly regarded 'script doctor', regularly hired to improve scripts in development and pre-production, as well as receiving many prestigious commissions, including, recently, a major biopic for Arclight Pictures; a drama for US director Christine Swanson; a horror film for Potemkino; a racing film for a US Production Company with Oscar nominated Michaël R. Roskam directing. All are due to begin production shortly. 

A crime novelist, Stephen has written Teen Avenue, the first in a series of crime novels set in 70’s Mayfair and featuring Welsh detective, Elisud Jones and published by Gravity Hill Press in the summer of 2024. A TV adaptation is already in co-production with 1185 Films.

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